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Banksy “Patched Heart Balloon” Print Details

Banksy Patched Heart Balloon Print Details

As you may not be aware of, last year Banksy released two  screen-prints made available through Pictures on Walls for VIPs only.
The first was a new edition of “NOLA” with coloured rain which was a run of 66 and sold for about 7k by POW. While “NOLA” may not be particularly new, the other print released was in fact much more interesting.
The pictured above original piece from the MOCA show was released as a 15 layers screen-print, edition of 15 and sold 15.000£ for a select few VIPs. We called it “Patched Heart Balloon” but we are unsure of the official name. Interesting plan to cover on the losses from the non-released Gorilla print.
Finally, don’t be surprised if you see some of these pop up at auctions or others sometime soon 😉