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Banksy Paints A New Piece In Coney Island For Better Out Than In

Banksy Robot Coney Island

After 27 pieces for “Better Out Than In”, Banksy just painted his 28th Piece on the streets of Coney Island in New York City.
Mr Banksy dropped this brilliant stencil of a robot and his spray-can working on a very personal piece! Gotta love the Banksy touch!
Enjoy an extra shot after the jump and check back with us tomorrow for the newest piece!

Banksy – back in Los Angeles With new Street Art and Solo Show “Better Out Than In”

Banksy "Better Out Than In" Los Angeles


Banksy is back in action! The elusive Street Artist just updated his website with a flyer titled “Better Out Than In” and a date that says October 2013.
He also unveiled this new stencil which we believe to be located in Los Angeles. A part of Banksy’s team was in Los Angeles whole of August and September. The British artist has also according to rumours recently moved to Los Angeles.
With POW’s 10 Year anniversary coming up and this new Banksy’s show, the end of this year is sure to be fun.