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Banksy In New Orleans From 2008 to 2013

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Banksy Nola New Orleans 2008
Five years ago, Banksy visited the city of New Orleans where he painted 14 street art pieces just after the disastrous Hurricane Katrina.
Out of 14 pieces, only 3 can be seen as of today, others like his iconic soldiers , are either boarded up or painted over. With some very touching pieces, most linked to New Orleans’ recovery, Banksy’s stencils brightened up the day of most residents.
Check out what has happened with most pieces just below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Banksy “Gorilla” Print Cancelled

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Banksy Gorilla Print POW

Rumoured for the past two years, the elusive “Gorilla” print by Banksy which should have been released by Pictures On Walls years ago is still missing.
Announced in 2011 by POW, this piece of Banksy’s art was supposed to be made available for purchase in March 2012.
Pretexting glitter problems at first, we can now confirm with you that this Banksy’s release has been cancelled by POW and will sadly never be released.
The print-release was killed over a year ago but was never officially confirmed by Banksy or his team.
On the bright side of things, we are hearing some stuff should be happening soon.
Painted in the early 2000’s in Bristol, the Gorilla has been accidentally painted over by the building’s new owner back in July 2011.
Take a look at more images from this iconic Banksy piece after the break.

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The Birth Of BanksyNews

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Hello World, Today marks the opening of, your home for all your banksy needs, rumors, print releases or his newest street art. Please bear in with us while we tweak the website in the new couple days and start updating with fresh content about banksy.