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Video: “Saving Banksy” Documentary Trailer

“Saving Banksy – It’s not art unless you can sell it for lots of money”.

The upcoming documentary “Saving Banksy” will guide us through the true story of one misguided art collector’s which attempted to save a Banksy from destruction and the auction block.

The documentary was directed by Colin Day with narration by Paul Polycarpou, and interviews with the top street and graffiti artists from across the globe, including Ben Eine, Risk, Revok, Niels Mueman, Blek Le Rat, Anthony Lister, Doze Green, Hera and Glen E Friedman.

Banksy Rare Sketches – Part 2


It’s been quite a while since we posted part 1, but we’ve collected more rare Banksy sketches for your enjoyment. Most of these are rarely seen on the web and give a great little insight into Banksy’s thoughts and workflow.

Click on the “Read more” link to view the entire serie.