Banksy Rare Sketches

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When we think of an artist, the first things that comes to mind are their most renowned pieces. Here’s a refreshing way in rediscovering Banksy’s art — a little viewing over some pages of his sketchbook. Most of these are rarely seen on the web but give  great insights into Banksy’s thoughts and workflow.

Take a look below to view some of Banksy’s rare sketches and have a sneak of what goes into his artistic process.

Sketch of a maid with the words “grim spot for it light skin tone”

Banksy’s “Sweep It Under The Carpet Maid” sketch

This is a sketch of one of Banksy’s more famous works “Sweep It Under The Carpet Maid”. Banksy explained the meaning behind the pictures: “In the bad old days, it was only popes and princes who had the money to pay for their portraits to be painted, this is a portrait of a maid called Leanne who cleaned my room in a Los Angeles motel. She was quite a feisty lady.”

Rat sketch of Banksy

Rats are one of Banksy’s greatest sources of inspiration and one of the most prolific subjects in his work.

Sketch of policemen together with the subject of Edvard Munch’s The Scream

Banksy’s sketches and versions of street signs

Sketch of a person holding a stereo with the words “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”

“Riot Cop Drawing” from Dalston, 2003